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"I Do Now", Party later

Our Elopement and Micro Packages are perfect for those intimate times!

All packages start with and include:

Fully Designed Elopement Ceremony Space

Access to any extra Decor

Floral Design, Bouquet and Boutonniere, Arch swag

Styled  Sweetheart Table or Picnic

Cake From Local Baker

Non Alcoholic Beverages​


Packages Start at $1850

Many a La carte options available with packages



Perfectly Planned and Coordinated

2-6 Months Prior to Event

I care about making your event the best possible experience for everyone involved.

Are you just getting started ?

I take care of all the small, tedious details and arrangements so that my clients can focus on the important stuff. Whatever the circumstances, I am here to make your event extra special.  I offer competitive rates and work with the best vendors and venues in the Kootenay and surrounding area, guaranteeing an unforgettable event.

I walk you thru the process,  and  make the effort to understand your exact needs, so the event you imagine and planned is the event you’ll get. 

This service is customized to fit your specific needs, so you don't have to worry about a thing. A detailed timeline, rehearsal, and access to 95% of all decor free of charge, and discounted rental rates. I guarantee your  planning and day will go worry free.

Packages Start at $1950 

FULL Planning Packages Start at $3000



Lively and Fun

Whatever the circumstances, I am here to make your event extra special. This service will help create a beautiful event. We offer decor and rentals at a discounted rate, offer setup and take down. Your decor is welcome. Lets plan an idea and my team can make it happen!



Lively and Fun

A great timeline is the key to your event!
Do you have your plan set,  vendors hired, helpers ready and all your ducks in a row but just need help with a detailed timeline? I will help you make a detailed timeline down to the minute of your day. Hand these out to all your help, vendors and sit back and watch your day you planned work its magic.

Let me Help you complete your Perfect timeline. 

Prices Start at $500

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